Think Open!

Think Open- Apple vs Windows vs Google vs iOS vs Android. Which do you choose and why? With limited budgets and time, schools find themselves agonizing over what platforms to use and especially how to support them. With BYOD being introduced as well, the demand for multi-dialectical digital dexterity has never been greater. Educators, we are, brand marketers we are not. Attend this thought provoking presentation on how to utilize free cross-platform collaborative software to reduce costs and open educational opportunities.

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Help bridge the digital divide by considering solutions not perpetuating the problem.  Leave No Digital Child Left Behind!  #thinkopen is more than a training, or a keynote.  It's a movement.  Join the discussion online at When you fill out this form it uses FormMule by +Andrew Stillman to shoot them an email, asking for them to consider developing their app for either Android or iOS.  Please share!  Fill out the form here-

Think Open Presentation