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Google Apps For Education Custom Training and More!

Dee Lanier Training Options 2016-17:

Taking on a #ThinkOpen Attitude (Keynote Presentation)

Think beyond your devices, beyond your personal knowledge base and even your comfort zone. Think beyond the four walls of your school or even the state of your state mandates and regulations. To Think Open is to consider your students, their future as citizens and your opportunity to inspire them to do great things as change makers.

Custom PD Google Apps for Education

As a Google Certified Trainer and Innovator, I can help with most any Google Apps for Education tool desktop or mobile. Why Google Apps? Well, the tools are robust, free, cross-platform, and collaborative, for starters!

Materials needed: laptop or mobile device of choice

Picture This! Mobile Photography

Take awesome pics, edit like a pro, make a meme, social shout, do some fun creative stuff armed with the mobile phone or tablet of your choice.

Materials needed: Android or iOS phones or tablets

Mind Mapping to Unleash Your Creativity

Bring your colored pencils, paper, and personality. We will learn the basics of Mind Mapping for note-taking, brainstorming, event planning and more. Afterwards you can choose to create a slideshow or doc, or other digital publishing tool to put your creation in motion.

Materials needed: colored pencils and art paper

Become a Social Butterfly- with Twitter 🐣🐦 

Haven't quite joined the twittersphere yet? Ready to get your Tweet on? Let's crack that egg and begin using Twitter and other tools to build your PLN and showcase your classroom, school, or district

Materials Needed: Any Device

Chromebooks For the Classroom and Beyond

10+ reasons why Chromebooks are great options for students of all ages. Come learn some nifty tips, help staff and parents make informed personal buying decisions, and debunk the myth that Chromebooks are are just cheap limited devices.

Materials Needed: Chromebook

Using Google Apps and iOS for Productivity

Got iPads and Google Apps?  Fear they don't mix well? Have a personal iphone or iPad, or i your school is one of the many that have adopted Google Apps and deployed iPads for education, this session is for you!  In this session you will learn how to utilize the main productivity-based apps created by Google for use on iOS. Got Android tablets or mixed devices?  You can get productive too!

Materials Needed: iOS or Android phones or tablets

Maker Kitchen, Chopped-like Edition

Think you have what it takes to create an awesome project with just 40 minutes and a bag full of goodies? Start with imagination, fearlessness, and teamwork; bring to boil, stirring occasionally. Add critical thinking with research and communication; simmer until innovation is cooked through, about 40 minutes. Add reflection and admiration until tender, about 10 minutes.

Materials Needed: device optional, all other materials supplied

Using Google Apps and Tablets for Unreal Virtual Field Trips

Ready to explore and create some Unreal Virtual Field Trips with Google Apps for Mobile?  Don’t expect to stay quiet and take notes, we will be collaborating to create cool ideas together for all grade levels! Got Android tablets or mixed devices in your school?  You can join the fun too!

Materials Needed: Android or iOS phones or tablets

Fantastic Student Created Content aka #ThinkOpen Super #AppSmashing

Ready to explore and create some Fantastic Student Created Content with Google Apps for iOS?  Don’t expect to stay seated for long, we’re going on an excursion and collaborating to create cool ideas together! Got Android tablets or mixed devices in your school?  You can join the fun too!

Super App Smashing Resources

Materials Needed: Any Device

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